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Week 0: Excited and Nervous

I spent Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore participating in aKDPhi’s 29th National Convention. It was a great experience that I would recommend to every sister, but also a jam-packed weekend that left me exhausted for my drive up to New Jersey. When I finally got to where I’m staying, I instantly got into “intern-mode” even though I still had a few days until I actually start working at HH&Y. This included:

  • buying more business-casual outfits
  • buying a New Jersey Transit train pass for my 1.5hr+ daily commute
  • buying a MetroCard in NYC for the second leg of my daily commute
  • unpacking and settling into my new room.

At this point, with only the weekend separating me from my First Day of Work™, I’m getting excitedly reckless as I can not wait to start learning! I’ve been scouring Google for PR internship tips, supplies, and skills I should be walking into this job with.

Pink-and-white manicured nails holding NY MTA Metrocard against purple background
My new MetroCard!

Even with all the positive emotions I’m feeling about working in the Big Apple, I’ve been noting all the differences between life up here versus life in North Carolina. Here is a list of some the biggest culture shocks I’ve faced:

  • gas is expensive, and I can’t pump it myself
  • very diverse populations!!
  • catcalling is next-level intense (only experienced in NYC so far, not much in Jersey)
  • public transit is constant! (which is one way to beat all the tolls)
  • BUT public transit can get pricey $$$

Regardless of some of the differences I’m going to face, I can’t wait to come back and share more about my time in New York!


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