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Week 2: So You Wanna Be An Influencer…

ATTN: I know I skipped Week 1, but I figured I’d have more to write about if I gave myself more time in between posts.

And also… I was tired.


So How’s It Been So Far?

I’m really loving the company. I’ve done social media alerts, influencer research, event planning, and experiential marketing and pitch activations. I had no idea that there were this many interesting and creative aspects to “Public Relations!”

The biggest take-away so far is from all my social media influencer research and helping with strategic partnerships. What brands look for in influencers is someone with an active page and following, and who has a strong, clear theme or presence on their feeds.

Which makes me think…

“Is my Instagram partnership-worthy?”

Not that I plan to one day be a full-time influencer (though that would be DOPE). But even in terms of personal branding, I feel like until now I’ve been lacking in the Online-Presence Department.

I take good pictures, I know how to edit (decently), and I definitely have lots of ideas. But I don’t post often and there isn’t much of a theme or story to my feed.

So that’s one of my goals for the summer: to elevate my online social presence to one that exhibits both my skills and my personality. I don’t want to be a carbon copy of my favorite influencers, but I certainly plan to use them as an example off of which to base my own unique Instagram personality.

How am I gonna do that? IDK really. But here’s my plan (or at least what I’ve got so far):

  • BUY A NEW CAMERA (mine was stolen last year in Atlanta during my internship. Tragic.)
    • I’m in the market for a mirrorless camera now. I’ve been doing tons of research and I think I’m now in between two models — the Panasonic Lumix G7 ~or~ the Canon M50.
  • Get really good at Premiere and Lightroom
    • and make some good presets for my skin tone and the vibe I want my feed to have. I’ve been seeing some really good ones for download but I noticed that they make dark skin look… off.
  • Take pictures every day
    • even if they’re not perfect. Even if I just use my phone. I used to have my DSLR on me 24/7 and now its been a year without it and I’ve lost my touch.

Beyond that, I really don’t know lol. I gotta get my camera (once I get paid!!) and go on from there, I guess.

I realize now I haven’t written much about the internship, but I am bound to an NDA and confidentiality agreement so I can’t say too much anyways.

Till next time,


P.S. If you want to keep up with my upcoming IG transformation, check back here for feed updates, OR follow me yourself!

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