Storytime: Catcalling and NY Slang

Okay so BOOM: there I was, trying to practice my commute from North Jersey to Lower Manhattan. As soon as I step off the train into Penn Station and take the escalator up to Madison Square Garden, I start to wheeze because I’m so overwhelmed. Lights, sounds, people, manholes overflowing with steam, more people, and traffic going in literally every direction all overload my senses. To get to the HH&Y office, I try to find the bus stop that the MTA app recommended I take. While waiting at the stop, a guy with his headphones in walks towards me. I focus myself on my phone and determine to not engage (in North Carolina, in my experience at least, this is enough to tell the guy I’m not interested so don’t bother). He’s yelling all kinds of things about my outfit and body and is hollering for my number and I continue to ignore him. After he realizes that this won’t go anywhere, he curses me out angrily and keeps walking.

Not more than two minutes later, he walks back around my side of the street, this time with another girl on whom his strategy worked. To each their own, I guess…

The bus finally pulls up and I hop inside — it’s dead empty. The driver showed me the right way to swipe my MetroCard and confirmed with me which stop I was trying to go to (so helpful!!) Then he said:

“Ayo so I’m gonna stop the bus here for a little bit in case more people wanna get on. I’ll just be right outside politickin’ and sh*t.”

I smile as if I knew what he said and pulled my phone out to hit up Urban Dictionary. Turns out, “politicking” just means chatting, hanging out, or wasting time. It just sounded so cool when he said it tho (#UsingThatLater!)

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